Welcome to my recurrent attempts to write a blog! At present, I have decided to focus more on restaurant reviewing around Montreal. However that does not perclude me from writing about other topics if I so desire. Will that happen? Who knows… Will it last? Hard to say. As someone with a very limited background in creative writing and who has failed on previous attempts to blog regularly, the likelyhood is slim but regardless, we shall try.

I am actually a physiotherapist by profession and an ex-football player to boot. Every since I was young, I have been exposed to all varieties of great food through my parents cooking as well as them bringing my sister and me to wonderful restaurants. It also helped that I’ve always had a great appetite to enjoy such things. Now being a little older with some disposable income and living in downtown Montreal, I am enjoying the wonderful food scene all around me.

My reviews are simply designed to convey my experiences and hope to pique your interest in (or steer you clear of) the restaurants that I check out. As such, I do my best to not showcase that I will be writing about the restaurant I am going to. I have not and will never flaunt the fact that I have a blog to the restaurant I am visiting in order to get some sort of preferential treatment. First off, I am certainly not of that level but secondly because I aim to provide a snapshot of a regular meal one can have at said restaurant and one that any reader can hopefully enjoy as well. To do so requires some level of anonymity. Obviously there will always be some wiggle room in the overall experience from night-to-night and as such, please take that in account when basing your dining decisions on any post I wrote. Everyone has different tastes and certain elements of the experience – be it decor, service, music or ambience – may impact some differently than it does for me. I can’t account for everyone’s tastes as I write my posts – only my own!

Every meal I write about here will be paid for by me or someone in my dinner party. I never expect to ever get paid to do this (nor is that ever the aim of this) but if ever such a situation would occur, I will divulge that clearly and openly as well as any other conflicts of interest that ever appear regarding a restaurant that I write about.

Anyway…That’s it. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy. Feel free to comment and let’s see where this goes




2 Responses to “About”

  1. omar August 31, 2017 at 5:00 am #

    Michael dude,
    with all due respect, you gotta get your lingo right for a blog! You probably grew up in Montreal, so I don’t blame you. For starters, line 3, paragraph 2, ‘them taking my sister and me NOT bringing my sister and I (we vs us).
    paragraph 3, line 1, its ‘pique’ your interest and NOT peak your interest.
    let us use google to our advantage and get stuff right here.

    • mjpilon September 1, 2017 at 6:53 am #

      Thanks for noticing those mistakes. They have been fixed

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