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Some 2012 Reflections… and Poutineville

15 Jan

The new year is a opportunity to reflect, to look back on the past year and determine what new years’ resolutions you want to make. Within the perspective of this blog and what it covers, 2012 was a great year in that I succeeded in starting up this blog for the umpteenth time and ACTUALLY sticking with it with some regularity. I channeled my love of food and used that to discover plenty of wonderful restaurants in Montreal in the past year (many of which I had long been anticipating) which providing a nice creative outlet from a writing point of view.

Is my writing style that great? Well… No. Not yet anyway. I don’t have the smoothest nor the most detailed and structured style. Part of that is my lack of writing practice (outside of sterile physical therapy documentation) but my hope is that through further writing over the coming year, I succeed in improving those elements and create my better overall reading experience for you the readers. I am also quite thankful that there are actually some people reading these. I am doing this mostly as a fun outlet and a good excuse to try out some good food on a semi-regular basis. If through that, people discover nice places to bring friends, family or loved ones, then wonderful. And if you’re not sure, just feel free to ask me for recommendations! I like a challenge. Anyway, here to 2013 – and to hopefully another great year in Montreal food!

And with, a quick note on my first MTL outing of 2013. Through the “benefit” of a weekend professional course, I found within 3 blocks of Poutineville for a quick lunch. I had been there once before about a year before within the same context. Saint-Edouard is not a neighborhood I have much reason to visit otherwise, although I have a few places to check out nearby eventually. Anyway, back to the restaurant. I am a big poutine fan. It is very hard to me to resist the pull of a good poutine if the chance presents itself. My go-to in Montreal has been La Banquise – 2am poutine never tasted so good. Poutineville is a similar premise. You can order one of their speciality poutines or you can build your own to your tastes. This is the way to do it.



For this particular visit, I went for a meat heavy poutine because well…. vegetables have no business in a poutine in my opinion. Anyway, I went with pogo, pulled pork and Italian sausage with cheese curds, the house gravy and the crushed potatoes (the house speciality). Behold this behemoth..


Everything worked perfectly well here. The crushed potatoes creates a nice texture difference, the cheese curds were perfect and plentiful – always a key factor in a good poutine. The house gravy had the right consistency – not too liquid and not too thick. A but of saltiness to balance everything off nicely. The pulled pork and Italian sausage weren’t very special on their own but within the mix with the pogo and the base poutine, it created a very nice, filling poutine. A great lunch that was most certainly needed.

Personally, I still prefer La Banquise but if you are looking for a good poutine, Poutineville is a great option for you to consider. It may not have the cache of La Banquise but it most certainly has a poutine to match up favorably. Quebec is the land of the poutine. We most certainly have restaurants which celebrate it properly.


1348 Beaubien Est.
514 544 8800

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