8 Jul

Oh hi….. You’re still here,huh?

Soooo…..How long has it been exactly?

15 months!? Ouch…. sorry about that.

Things have been a little hectic around here and my attempts to blog were pushed aside to accommodate the changes occurring around me. Specifically, I have gone from a student to a working stiff since November so free time is at a premium now. To be honest, I also ran out of things that I really felt the need to write about, so this place became neglected. I aim to remedy that now.

So what’s changed exactly? Well….. with some newfound income, I have found myself enjoying more and more the restaurant scene here in my hometown of Montreal. I’ve long had a list of places to try which I am now actually making some headway in. I have taken it upon myself to discover the wonderful hidden gems that this city has to offer as well as the well known experiences that I’ve always heard about. It has gotten to the point where friends are now asking me for recommendations on a regular basis and people have told me I should write a food blog. Well, I have a blog which I’ve neglected so what the heck…. I’m going to try my hand on writing some restaurant reviews here and see where it leads. Can I keep it going this time? Who knows. Will this lead me to actually blog about other topics again as well? Possibly but no guarantees.

I’m going to start with a few places I’ve visited in the past few months and then try to write about each new place I try as I go. First post should appear in the coming days. Let me know how you enjoy the shift or not…. Feedback is appreciated either way.



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