Brit and Chips

13 Aug

I may be the last person to try out Brit & Chips in this city but hey I finally got to it over the weekend, so let me bore you with my experience, okay?


For the uninitiated, Brit and Chips is exactly what it sounds like – a fish and chips shop. They originally opened up in Old Montreal and have relatively recently opened up a second location in the Cote des Neiges district. They offer a variety of different fish and batter combinations along with other British fare such as scotch eggs, sausage rolls and meat pies. For my first experience, I decided to try one of their more eclectic options – hake in orange crush panure.


Outside of the batter, which was quite amazing might I add, the rest of the dish is very traditional and very well done. The fish is nice and flaky and the batter is thin but very crispy. Add to that some nice fries and a dynamite tartar sauce and you have the makings of a great dish. To add to the experience, they have a variety of different British beers you can enjoy at the same time.

Unlike most locations of this variety, Brit and Chips also does dessert which I must highlight. They have a deep-fry “anything” option which is essentially “pick your chocolate bar from the options we have and we’ll fry it for you”. It comes with or without soft serve ice cream depending in your preference. They had Reese’s cups so I couldn’t pass this up.


It was exactly as decadent as you can imagine it would be. A perfect end to a very good meal.

With the caveat of having not tried Comptoir 21 yet (in the works….eventually), Brit and Chips is by far the best option in the city for Fish and Chips. If you haven’t gone yet, you must certainly do so when you are in the neighborhood.


Brit and Chips
433 McGill or 5536A Cote des Neiges

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  1. Dad August 16, 2012 at 7:48 am #

    Must try it soon. keep the reviews coming.

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