Diablos BBQ

2 Sep

A couple of Sundays ago and in the mood for a nice spot to enjoy the weather, I was tasked to pick a restaurant in the latin Quarter for me and some friends. Given that everyone likes BBQ, I decided that we’d try out Diablos BBQ, a new-ish place located on St-Denis between Ontario and De Maisonneuve. Now, this was the same weekend where I tried out Dinette Triple Crown, so Diablos had much to live up to.

We arrived around 1:30 and were surprised to find that we were the only ones there! A little strange but the gay pride parade had just ended so maybe the lack of people was a function of that but either way, for the entire time we were there, no other patrons showed up. The restaurant is relatively small inside with the look and feel of a southern style BBQ place. However, they have an awesome terrasse outback which was one of the same reasons we went that day.



To start, I had the pulled pork sliders because, as I mentioned previously, the quality of a BBQ place’s pulled pork says a lot about the restaurant to me. The sliders were okay. The pulled pork was good texturally however it lacked sauce somewhat and was a little on the cold side temperature wise. The cornbread was well done but given its nature dry and dense nature, the lack of sauce with the pork was all the more glaring.


As a main, I went with the abattoir burger which is an 1lb patty formed with equal portions of beef, veal and pork. The burger is served with the option of a number of sides. I chose to go with the coleslaw because I really didn’t feel like eating fries at that moment which incidentally were quite good having picked a few from my friends. Anyway, the patty was perfectly cooked and quite good. Again, while the burger has some BBQ sauce in it as a condiment, I definitely think it needed more. The bun was quite good as well. The coleslaw was solid – nothing really standout but nothing bad either.


Overall, Diablos BBQ was a solid meal but somewhat disappointing. I truly believe my experience at Dinette the day before really set me up for this kind of experience. The actual BBQ itself was well done. It was just the little extra touches that were missing for me on this day. If you are a fan of BBQ, I would still encourage you to check them out if you’re in the area.


Diablos BBQ

1693A St-Denis

(514) 283-4666

Diablos on Urbanspoon


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