Simplement D Liche Cupcakes

17 Mar

A quick post here about my foray into the world of Montreal cupcakes. Tasked with the job of finding cupcakes for my sister’s birthday but having absolutely no idea where to go, I went online and discovered, lo and behold, there was a cupcake shop located a short drive (or a long walk) away from my apartment. And so, I found myself heading to Simplement D Liche on St-Denis just south of Duluth.


I was in a hurry so I was unable to stay for long to enjoy the shop itself but I loved what I saw of its clean and simple look – a beautifully cupcake-filled display certainly didn’t hurt my perception! They have both normal and mini-sized cupcakes to enjoy. The flavors change regularly so I picked 6 different from those available that day and went about my day at work. I got to enjoy them over the course of the next 3 days.


The flavors I selected were vanilla, dulce de leche, key lime, red velvet, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate raspberry. I got to try the final four from that list. The cupcakes themselves were of a denser and richer consistency than I am used to in a cupcake – not that I am complaining. They still succeeded in being sweet and airy which, when paired with the different creamy and light frostings for each options created delicious cupcakes which hit the right flavor profile each time. None of them were overbearing with their flavour either – at no point did you get that “This is WAY too [insert flavour]-ly” moment. The key lime one had a nice lime taste that didn’t hit the overly sour notes you tend to get with bad key lime desserts. The chocolate peanut butter was as close to Reese as you could get without mixing the two items within the cake batter itself. The red velvet was as classic as you would hope to expect from such a flavour. The chocolate raspberry was the least memorable of the 4 but was still quite good all things considered.

All in all, D Liche was a great first experience in the Montreal cupcake scene that I would highly recommend if you are in need of a cupcake fix. Now I need to go expand my cupcake horizons within my wonderful city….. oh Woe is me 😉


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One Response to “Simplement D Liche Cupcakes”

  1. Jade July 26, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    Did you know Simplement D Liche are making cronuts? I have eaten a few already and they are amazing. You should try them!

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