24 Apr

St-Henri is quickly turning into one of my favorite areas for food and more specifically desserts. Looking for something different to try for family Sunday dinner, I drove down to Notre-Dame and de Courcelles to a place I have had my eye since it opened a few months ago: Rustique Pie Kitchen.


Any place that uses a pie as its logo is alright by me however, once you enter the bakery, you realize very quickly that Rustique is definitely not just a pie place.


All manners of large pies, mini pies, caramel popcorn, peanut brittle, cookies, brownies…. A sweet tooth’s delight. We came away with a box of 6 mini pies, caramel popcorn and two marshmallow cookies sandwiches. The marshmallow sandwiches were quite good. Delicious homemade marshmallow of a perfect consistency stuck between the two cookies – either chocolate chip or peanut butter. The cookies themselves were quite good although I wished the peanut butter ones were softer. They were a little too dry compared to what I really love as a peanut butter cookie.



For the mini pies, we came away with 6 different flavours: apple pie, peach pie, berry crumble, pecan pie, blackberry ginger and wild blueberry. Off the bat, the pie crust for all of these was spot-on. Great golden flakiness without being dried out. A great buttery taste but not so much that it distracts from the filling inside each one. The individual fillings were all quite good. Tons of flavour with a clear use of fresh ingredients for each one. You can tell this is a place where everything is done from stratch. Of particular note, the blackberry ginger pie was a great combination that I have had before but now I definitely need to get a large scale version of said pie.


The caramel popcorn was a nice gluten free alternative for one certain family member and on top of that, was quite delicious. Nice crunch to the popcorn with a nice caramel coating. Very satisfying for the little amount I tried of that bag.


I loved my first experience at Rustique so much that I went two days later for a quick tea and mini key lime pie while sitting outside for a nice 30 minutes or so. Was a great way to spend a beautifully sunny and warm mid-afternoon and something I will definitely do again. If you love pies and all manners of other desserts, Rustique definitely needs to be on your list of places to check out.


Rustique Pie Kitchen
4615 Notre Dame Ouest
514 439 5970

Rustique on Urbanspoon


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