Petit Cake Shop

3 Jun

I continue to be amazed by the many wonderful options we have here in Montreal in matters of food. I have been on a bit of a dessert exploration kick recently and my most recent discovery is one that you won’t find in a restaurant, bakery or cafe. In fact, you need to place an order via email or Facebook message if you want to partake. This discovery is cake balls from Petit Cake Shop.


Petit Cake Shop is a small business run by Stephanie Segal out of her home. When you place your order, you have a choice of some standard flavors but she does mention the possibility of some custom ones if you make a request and give enough time. In my case, I placed an order last minute for the next day so I simply went with a sampling of the dozen flavors I could get that day.

The first 6 were Maple Cookie, Skor, Party Cake, Key Lime Pie and as we were in hockey playoff mode here in Montreal at the time, Markoffee Crisp and Subbanana-Nutella-Peanut Butter. Loved the wordplay there by the way. Humor is always a plus. All of the balls are a cake base covered with a thin chocolate or candy coating. I loved how different each one is decorated and differentiated one from the other. You can pretty much look at one and know right away the flavour you are about to enjoy. In all cases, the cake centers were dense and moist – exactly the right combination one looks for in a good cake. Of this first 6, the real winners for me were Subbanana, Key Lime and Party Cake. Very nice rich flavors without being overbearing – which tends to be the cardinal sins of bad key lime pies. The others were good as well but I’m not a big Skor or Coffee Crisp fan so my enjoyment wasn’t as high.


The next 6 were Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate Cherry, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Peanut Butter Vanilla, Cookie Cake and Salted Caramel Chocolate. The Salted Caramel drizzle really adds great depth to that particular ball. Both peanut butter ones are awesome but as a hardcore Reese’s fan, they were right up my alley. Both hit the right chocolate to peanut butter balance. The other three were unspectacular but solid nevertheless.


If you are looking something a little different for dessert, I likely recommend you give Petit Cake Shop a shout. The box of 12 didn’t last very long in my apartment and I can pretty much guarantee it won’t last long in yours. Stephanie will most certainly make it worth your while. And I just need another reason to order a second box….


Petit Cake Shop
On Facebook and Twitter @petitcakeshop


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