La Sandwicherie Zoe’s

2 Jul

A nice Sunday on Mont-Royal. The first one in the while. The sun is out, the tams tams are starting to play and hey, whaddaya know? More food trucks to enjoy! This time around, I get the chance to try La Sandwicherie Zoe’s and their gourmet sandwiches. Always love a good sandwich so I was very much looking forward to trying out this outfit.


On this day, Zoe’s was offering a couple of sandwich options with two sidedishes and some desserts. Off the bat, I am a big fan of offering both small and large versions of each sandwich as it allowed me to try both in one shot! Wonderful!


First up though, I decided to try out the tempura vines. Vine leaves stuffed with rice fried in tempura and served with a yogourt sauce. A very unique dish – loved the texture differences between the leaf, the rice and the crispy tempura coating. The yogourt sauce in theory added a nice cool creaminess to the dish however I personally felt the sauce to be too liquid so it didn’t coat very well to the fried vines. The flavour was quite good so it is a minor complaint.


Now on to the sandwiches. The first option was the “Figure-tastique” – grilled chicken, poached figs, goat cheese pesto and some arugula in a fresh bun. When you first get the sandwich, you are stuck by the green color of the pesto. The bread is nice and moist and the chicken was grilled well without being dry. Absolutely loved the sweetness of the figs and the arugula added a little pepper to the mix. I was a little let down by the pesto because it didn’t end being as strong of a pesto flavour as I had expected. The goat cheese creates a nice creamy texture to it however. In the end, I enjoyed the sandwich but would have loved more pesto and more figs!


The second sandwich was “La Cochonne” – Roasted pork flank, coleslaw and Coing confit. Loved this sandwich from A to Z. The Flank had a nice fattyness to it and the slaw adds some freshness and crunch. The real surprise here for me was the coing. Never had this particular fruit before but it added a wonderful tropical sweetness to the sandwich which paired very nicely with that pork. I will definitely order the large version of this one next time I have a chance!


Finally for dessert, I tried the Brownie Pop. My phone ate the picture for some reason so no visual support for this one – essential a mini brownie on a popsicle stick. A little disappointed here. The brownie had a nice chocolate taste however it was a little dry so once I bite into it, it completely fell apart off the stick it had been stuck on. Also, they add crushed peanut in the dish to come with the brownie. However, there is no chocolate sauce or anything sticky on the outside of the brownie for said peanuts to attach to, so you just end up eat it separately. Would have been nice to combine the peanut to the brownie to create a nice textured bite. Again, just a minor detail but one that could have made a difference.

All in all, loved the unique sandwich combos and the overall menu of Zoe’s. A few minor quips here and there but nothing to discourage anyone from trying out Zoe’s if you are in the mood for a good sandwich. Check em’ out!


La Sandwicherie Zoe’s
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