Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon – Apple Season 2013

2 Oct

Fall is sadly here (speaking as a true Summer baby here). The air getting crisper, the leaves are changing colours and it is getting a heck of a lot darker when we all wake up in the morning. However, there are a few positives… and Martin Picard & company opening up their Cabane à Sucre is definitely one of them. Earlier this year, I got to visit for the first time for sugar season. Following that experience, I made sure that I would be back for the fall apple season menu as well.

First up, there was a nice selection of special cocktails to try out. The options were an apple Martini, a raspberry Margarita, an apple cranberry & spiced rum slush and lastly, an Irish car bomb variant with apple cider, apple brandy and creme de cassis.




And now onto the food. The first course brought forth a huge amount of dishes: an apple pie topped with cheddar cheese, foie gras and an optional chives cream; a seasonal vegetable soup with pork, chicken, shark and a housemade pesto sauce; sauteed apples with noix de grenoble; a squash risotto with sausage mixed in a cheese wheel and salad still in pots with the vinaigrette sprayed onto it. Not a single bad dish amongst the group. The apple pie was flaky and sweet. The foie gras was the proverbial icing on the cake. The vegetable soup was nice and hearty with a beautiful deep and flavourful broth. The presentation of the salad was quite original and good as well. The sauteed apples brought some nice sweetness to the mix and the risotto was perfectly executed – the mixing in the cheese wheel really helped to create that rich texture.






And then the main course came up – a meat plate that bordered on the absurb. A mountain of different meats with housemade sauerkraut that was left to ferment for 6 weeks. White ham, pork tongue, smoked meat, bacon, liver, dry sausages, apple and foie gras sausage, pork tenderloin and a pig’s foot. Everything on this plate was delicious – great use of different types of meats and preparations. This may not be everybody’s thing but I loved it.


Paired with the meat dish was a cheese plate. I don’t remember the names of each cheese here but other than the blue cheese (which I don’t mind in a dish but not by itself), I enjoyed all of them. Similar to the meat plate, there are a great mix of textures and flavours within the plate. Add to it fresh onion rolls, baguettes and crackers and you get a great side-dish to all those meats.



Last but not least, we get to dessert. Dark beer and squash soft serve ice cream, squash & honey millefeuille and powdered doughnuts stuffed with homemade apple sauce. Now, I know that squash ice cream and a squash millefeuille seem weird but both were amazing. Both soft serves were simply perfect in terms of consistency and richness. The doughnuts were odes to their food truck and, like those you can get there, were delicious although it prefer a little less powdered sugar personally. The millefeuille was perfectly done as well.




Once again, as it was during the spring, the amount of food you get for the fixed price (50$ for the fall) is insane. Compared to the spring, I would say that this menu is more accessible given its relative lack of offal and other non-typical food items. Either way, I enjoyed this meal very much and rolled myself home – all while saying I’ll be back next year. Pretty much exactly what expected from the Au Pied de Cochon crew.


Cabane à Sucre Au Pied du Cochon
11382 rang de la Fresnière
St-Benoit, Qc

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