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Deli Sokolow

7 Sep

There is just something about a Jewish-style deli that I really enjoy. Given my lack of Jewish ancestry, it is not simply a function of what I grew up with because I didn’t. There is simply something about the homeyness, the familiarity, the old school nature of a deli that I love… well that and the smoked meat of course. Leaving my place on Prince Arthur meant no longer being walking or short bike distance from Schwartz’s and the Mile End. Not cool when I need my fix. However, when I heard about a new deli opening in St-Henri, only a short distance away from my new place, I was immediately intrigued and felt the need to give them a try.


Deli Sokolow is a deli and ice cream shop offering day around options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located right on the corner of Notre Dame Ouest and Sainte-Marguerite, the shop definitely is going for a old Deli feel with its use of old school chairs, glass counters, laminate tabletops as well as a metal bar and stools by the window. The decor could use a bit extra pop to it colorwise but otherwise it is a old deli through and through.



For my first visit, I went with a mixture of classic and twisted fare. First was a side of coleslaw – traditional with a vinegar base. And of course, I needed to have a root beer at a deli. Exactly what I wanted. Nothing more and nothing less.



The interesting item though was the latke poutine. Yeah that’s right…. a latke poutine. When I heard about this, I knew I needed to try it. I love latkes – once I tried some proper homemade ones years ago, I was hooked – and I most certainly love poutine. I was very curious to see how this would stack up. The portion was generous enough and had a nice thick homestyle gravy and the proper cheese curds. However, the use of large thinner latkes as a base made it that they got stuck together since they were very hot. First time I have ever needed to use a knife when eating a poutine. Right flavours but perhaps not served in the ideal fashion.


For my second visit, I went a bit of more classic. I decided to start with some perogies – potato and cheese stuffed – served with some sour cream. Good flavour as one would expect. Thankfully, they also had a golden crunch all the way around. There is nothing worse than a soft soggy perogy.


The Reuben sandwich was my main attraction this time and hit all the right notes – the melted cheese, the acidic sauerkraut and deliciously rich and fatty smoked meat. Personally I would prefer the smoked meat to be medium cut versus lean but that would be a bit of a nitpick in this instance. A solid solid sandwich and frankly one of the better Reuben’s I’ve had.


And of course, you can’t forget about the ice cream. Being able to get classic hard serve cookie dough ice cream in a cone was a nice trip to memory lane for me and a nice way to finish off a meal.


Deli Sokolow is a solid deli option and in an area lacking one, a very worthwhile option. The mixture of new and old items is good and you feel the classic Deli vibe. I would recommend however they get other payments options though – cash only so be prepared for that. My first visit was delayed by that… not cool walking by your lunch option realizing it’s a no go. Otherwise, a solid joint and thankfully close enough to satisfy my deli fix.


Deli Sokolow
4350 Notre Dame Ouest
438 392 3239

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