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Food Truck Roundup – Lucky’s Truck, Route 27 and Lucille’s

28 Sep

Over the weekend, through the discovery of a deal on Tuongo by a friend, I found myself at Rendez-vous Gourmands at Arsenal Contemporary Arts center in the little Burgundy/ Griffintown district. Lots of good meats, cheese, beers and wines inside which were greatly enjoyed. However, my biggest delight was the presence of a few choice food trucks outside which I had missed out on so far this summer.

First up was Lucky’s Truck. Awesome looking truck which I had heard much about this summer and boy they did not disappoint. For today, I chose to try out their pulled pork sandwich with apple cider BBQ sauce and the duck confit poutine with foie gras red wine sauce. The true standout here was the poutine. The sauce was wonderfully rich – a great change of pace from the usual poutine gravy. The duck confit was spot- on as well. This was a great start to the afternoon which would only get better.



Next up, I stopped by Route 27, the truck started very recently by the folks from Marche 27 which for the uninitiated is a tartar bar located at the corner of Clark and Prince Arthur. I haven’t had a chance to try the restaurant yet (which is rather sad given I live a few blocks away) but I was looking forward to try out their food.


My friend and I split two items from their menu. Stuck to two different beer tartar dishes. One was served as a roll with crispy chips as a topping. Very good tartar with a hint of relish which truly evoked the flavor profile of a hot dog. The chips on top was a nice texture addition as well. The second item was tartar sliders with truffle and Parmesan. A more subtile flavor but just as delicious.



The final experience of note from last Saturday was checking out Route 27’s sister truck, Lucille’s food trailer. Once again, this was a chance to try out some food from a place I have wanted to check out for a while – Lucille’s Oyster Dive in NDG. Of course I needed to try an oyster which I did. Shucked right in front of my eyes, simply delicious. After that, I decided to try their lobster roll. Lobster rolls are something I love but tend to be disappointed in because a lot of establishments tend to commit the cardinal sin – too much mayonnaise. That certainly wasn’t a problem here. Great taste where the lobster was truly the star. This was a great roll.


Great afternoon of food and drinks. Many thanks to my friend who saw the deal online. Because of it, I was able to knock a few off my list. Now I just need to visit the actual restaurants of these trucks.


Lucky’s Truck

Lucille’s Food Trailer

Route 27

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