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Landry et Filles

2 Jul

A raining weekend doesn’t stop the hungry and most certainly won’t stop my quest to check out all the new food trucks here in Montreal. This time around, Landry et Filles were set up near the George-Etienne Cartier statue off Park Avenue (if you haven’t guess by now, that’s the closest official location near my apartment…) so I headed up on bike to see what they were bringing to the Montreal Street Food scene.


On their website, Landry et Filles states that they aspire to pay homage to tradition all while creating new classics. The menu they offered on the day I was there seemed to match nicely with that “mission” statement. Some traditional homestyle dishes focusing on fresh and local produce. A relatively smaller menu compared to other trucks around but no issues with that on my end. There were certainly enough things here to peak my interest.


First up, I tried the strawberry lemonade. A nice refreshing beverage – the hint of strawberry adds a extra sweetness with the tartness of the lemon. A perfect summer drink to enjoy on a hot summer’s day – not that it was hot that day but regardless… it fits the experience I was dreaming up for myself that day, so let me have it please.


Second, something completely foreign to me: A Matane Shrimp Ploye. A Ploye is a New Brunswick dish – essentially a pancake of both buckwheat and wheat flour usually cooked only on one side. The flour mixture creates a light and somewhat airy crepe-like base to which Landry et Filles added some Matane shrimp, apples, lettuce and a wasabi mayo as a binder for the whole mixture. The shrimp was nice and fresh as one would expect from locally sourced shrimp. The apples added some crunch and a little sweetness to the mix and the wasabi mayo added just the right level of heat to the dish. All in all, a very nice well executed dish. It is a cool thing to try something completely new to you from a food truck and for that thing to be perfectly satisfying.


Finally, for dessert, I chose the lemon pie-on-a-stick. Pretty self-explanatory here. Great lemon flavour throughout with a nice crust at the bottom. The outer shell of the pie keeps the whole thing together until you bite into it. Perfect mini play for one’s sweet tooth.


All in all, a lovely collection of dishes to be had from Landry et Filles. I was strongly interested in the Meatloaf sandwich but I wasn’t hungry enough and honestly I didn’t have enough money in my pockets anyway. Based on one of my friend’s reaction to said sandwich, I clearly need to catch up with Landry et Filles at least one more time this summer. Looking very much forward to it and I hope you enjoy as well.


Landry et Filles
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